Top Travel Couple Blog – Krista & Matt June 2017

Top Travel Couple Blog for June 2017

We are so excited to announce the recipients of our first award! Top Travel Couple Blog for June 2017 goes to Krista and Matt for Go4theglobe! We have been searching for a young couple with big hearts to capture the true spirit of adventure and they definitely deserve it! Even though they are new to to the Travel Blogging world, they are off to an amazing start! Their travel blog captures romance, adventure, quality photos and makes us feel like we are on the adventure with them! They are definitely on their way to a successful career with being a top Travel Blogger!

One thing that really caught our attention was the fact they let us in. From their website Go4TheGlobe you can learn about their backstories along with some of the heart breaking struggle they have gone through before starting this adventure. Krista faced a hard time dealing with the loss of two people that were extremely important to her and  how she deals with that today.

Her Mothers Day blog is heart breaking yet brave and we have so much admiration of her courage to share from the heart. 

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Krista & Matt at Machu Picchu

Top Couple Travel Blog June 2017

Their photos definitely make us feel a sense of romance and wonderment. We are excited to share their journey as they continue into the world of Travel Blogging and encourage them to keep going! We know it's hard in the beginning to become a Top Travel Blog but we know they have the talent to get there! Check out the links to their social channels below! 

Top Travel Couple Blog - Top Travel Blog - Top Travel Couple - Top Travel Blogger

Check out their website and links to the Top Travel Couple Blog for June 2017!

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