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Jack Morris Top Travel Influencer & Travel Blog for June 2017

When it comes to Influencers on Instagram one name will usually come to mind. The amazing Jack Morris and his talented Instagram account @doyouttravel. With over 2.5 million followers he definitely deserves the title of Top Male Travel Influencer! Along with his stunning Instagram account, he has an easy to navigate and visually stunning BLOG where you can learn more about Jack and see all of his travel photos. 

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Jack Morris @doyoutravel

Top Male Travel Influcener & Travel Blogger Jack Morris loves his home in Bali but still travels monthly.

Jack comes from humble beginnings as this once carpet cleaner is now at the top of the Travel Influencer world. He has the dream job of being paid to to visit exotic locations, luxury hotels and go on amazing adventures. Although he still travels the world often he decided to plant some roots in the gorgeous country of Bali. Him and the love of his life Lauren continue to see the world and inspire a whole new generation of Travel Bloggers and Influencers. 

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Jack Morris @doyoutravel Giraffe Manor
Jack Morris @doyoutravel in Dubai

Jack Morris Top Travel Influencer & Blogger wants you to know Instagram doesn't tell the full story

Although it seems like a dream life Jack Morris wants to remind people that everyone struggles. What we see on Instagram is the highlight reel and only 5% of his life. He of course shares some of the happiest most thrilling parts to inspire others but definitely feels the pressure of being a Top Influencer and always being in the public eye. We have to say that Jack sets a great example for all up and coming Travel Influencers & Bloggers. Stay humble, work hard and stay focused on your dreams.

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