About Us

As full-time travelers we kept running into the same problem...

When searching online for awesome destinations and travel advice we kept running into all the same websites. A select "few"  in the travel industry decide who and what companies are the “so called” best.

Times are changing and hence a new generation of travelers are beginning their journeys.

They look for the advice of people that that see the world through their own eyes and share from personal experience. These travel Influencers are a wealth of knowledge and secrets but the problem is they are hard to find! The select "few" tend to rule the search engines while these talented Influencers and Travel Bloggers are left out. The tide is changing and we have found a solution.

That solution has now come to life and the Travel Award community was born. We are shedding light on the Influencers, Bloggers and small businesses. We are giving the power back so that they too can leave a mark on this world. We are so proud of this community and are honored that you are here.

We look forward to collaborating with many of you soon!

Trevor & Kashlee

Founders of TravelAward.co 

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